"I loved the Aromapen! After use I immediately felt my brain clearing, almost as if a fog was lifted, and I now use the pen regularly when I need to clear my mind between consultations or even during studying and catching up on research reading. The effects are immediate without any jittery feelings that would come with some medications; and what I also like is that the pen is safe to recommend to my clients, even to young children or the elderly."

Melissa Burger - Specialised Kinesiologist - Pretoria

"I am a Recruitment Consultant, working long hours and suffering from Fibromyalgia Syndrome for the last 24 years, which makes me tired much faster than the average person.I have been using Aromapen every day since February 2012 and cannotcope without it. My Aromapen is constantly next to my computer. When I feel sleepy and tired or lose concentration,
I reach out for it, because it helps me to be focused and gets me going again!

Sometimes, I start to yawn the moment that I inhale it, which also indicates how tired my brain is at that stage, but within a few minutes I can feel the difference in my concentration. I love the smell of it, and sometimes I inhale it just because of the pleasant aroma. I am very grateful I got to know this product as it gives me freedom, like never before. I feel so happy about the results that I cannot keep quiet about this product. Since then I became an agent."

Lenie du Plessis - International Cruise Ship Consultant - Pretoria


"I was introduced to the Aromapen 8 months ago just before we found out I was pregnant with our 3rd child. I have been using it since and throughout my pregnancy (and only 3 more weeks to go).
I must admit that it’s been a life saver, especially in the afternoons when I really can not keep my eyes open. I love my coffee, but now I drink only caffeine free, mostly because of my pregnancy, so this product came into my life just on time.
I studied to be a beautician I had Aromatherapy as a subject, and love the power of Nature, which is found in aroma oils and the combination of the right one’s put together. This product works! I enjoy it and love the smell of the aroma as well. Thank you for introducing it to me!"

Danielle Killian - Pretoria

"I am a BA working at Momentum where the PC is absolutely necessary in our daily job (and sometimes it can be draining).
I had tried the Aromapen first time about 4 months ago and I must say it did wonders for me. Being a working mom, for a three years old little one, can be very challenging but also rewarding when you can be as fresh as you would like to be. This can be done with the Aromapen and through its beautiful qualities; all natural you can achieve the best. I am very happy I was introduced to this wonderful gift and honestly recommend it from the heart to everybody.
Just to conclude with a beautiful quote of Aristotle: “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”."

Sorina Wilson - Business Analyst - Centurion

"This product has changed my life to the better! I am not tired during long training sessions and meeting is no more an issue to me. I am focused and wide awake. My friends even know that I always carry my pen with me and sometimes tease me for staying wide awake when we get together for a braai or games evening. The best of all is I caught them using my “pen” as well!!! Thank you very much for introducing this wonder product to me!!! Best of luck may it change many more people’s lives!"

Liza Smit - Leapfrog Property Group Agent - Centurion

"I was introduced to the Aromapen a couple of months ago. I was immediately impressed with the concept, and promptly started using the Aromapen. Initially, though, the results were, shall we say, less than impressive. However, as time went by,
I started feeling the effect of the Aromapen more and more. What factors could I ascribe this to: most importantly, I have a condition known as Epilepsy. For this condition, I have to take chronic medication. Now, this is very strong medication, and may cause drowsiness or even fatigue if not closely monitored. When you take into account that I’m a software engineer – a job that requires a high level of concentration throughout the day – you might understand why I have become an ardent supporter of the Aromapen. Whenever I find myself in a little bit of a dip (say, after lunch, or perhaps at around 3 in the afternoon…), the Aromapen is just the right tonic to see me through the day."

Benjamin Rautenbach - Software Engineer - Johannesburg

"I’m a hairdresser and a mom of 2 small demanding children, so you can imagine I’m tired all the time. I feel like a walking zombie at times. In my profession I need to be fast and alert, especially in the afternoons when I get an influx of school kids coming in for a haircut. I’ve been using my Aromapen in the shop with my partner in the business for the past for 5 months every day, mainly in the afternoons. The Aromapen really helps us to clear and refresh our mind and get energized again.
The effect lasts for about 2 hours and we just “sniff” it again when we start to feel sluggish & drained again. We also love the smell of it. It became my best friend, because it’s always on hand when I need it."

Erica Strauss - Hairdresser - Upington

"I am a full time freelance pilot and I use my Aromapen everyday when I feel tired while flying. I have one permanent in my flight suite pocket and trust me it works like a charm! Always a winner when you need it most! Makes my mind fresh everytime and  I won't fly without it....."

Eddie Wilson - Pilot - Centurion

“I have been using the Aromapen for 3 months. When I remember I use the pen before starting to work in the morning and after lunch.

I am diabetic and do suffer from bouts of tiredness. The pen usage definitely makes me feel more energetic and helps with concentration.  I also like that I do not become agitated after using the pen, therefore I would recommend it. 

In my practice I use electro-acupuncture measurement as a diagnostic tool. On measuring insulin receptor sensitivity on myself and other patients, I can see improvement after using the pen.”

Dr. A. Smit - Homeopath - Centurion

“I’ve been a truck driver in the past twenty years in Europe, more recently travelling between Hungary and Italy. I’m on the road for 8-12 hours daily. In July 2013 in Hungary a friend of mine showed me the Aromapen and asked me to try it out and see how it would work for me. I don’t drink coffee or any energy drinks, so I was very eager and curious to give a try. I used the Aromapen when I really felt tired and stated to loose concentration. I sniffed the pen a few times and to my surprise I felt the effect of it for about 2 hours. Well, without further ado, since then I’ve been keeping the Aromapen in my truck constantly.”

Karoly Balogh - Truck Driver - Hungary

“I’ve been using my Aromapen with absolute satisfaction since Jan, 2012, therefore, I have one next to my PC and one in my bag constantly as a back up wherever drowsiness and lack of focus come over me.

But, what I’d also like to share here is my pleasant surprise about my 11 year old ADD son, who has been using the Aromapen regularly too.

Studying with an ADD child is very challenging to say no more, because of the fact that the child gets distracted easily, loose concentration quickly and very forgetful. 

For complete peace of mind I took my son and my Aromapen to a kinesiologist and a homeopath for a test and the results were also confirming the positive effect on him. I was overwhelmed to find this handy little “tool” which helps him to regain and maintain his attention and focus longer. Since that day, I don’t’ have to remind him to use the pen, whenever he feels the need for it he comes to me and asks me: “Mommy, can I sniff your pen?” When he writes tests in the school or plays chess tournaments he puts his pen into his pocket and guards it very well.”

Kati Strauss - Entrepreneur & Mom to an ADD son - Centurion

“I would just like to tell you of my experience with the Aromapen. I have been using it everyday before I start working and it has really helped me focus. Both me and my son have ADD and have difficulties concentrating. The pen immediately starts working and the affects last for a very long time. I absolutely love it, what a great product.”

Natasha Jooste - Software Developer - Pretoria

“Keep your mind recharger in your pocket.”