Price: R 120/each

+ R 70 (reg. mailing cost, with orders up to 10 Aromapens)

Ordering process for SA postal services:

1. Please transfer the full amount with the mailing cost to the following bank:

    Versatile Revolution Trading cc (VR Trading)

    Standard Bank, Centurion

    Current Account Number: 410317225

    Branch Code: 01264500

2. We will mail the Aromapen to you in a day or two after receiving the proof of payment by fax or e-mail

3. Please do not forget to include your mailing/postal address and contact details.

    We will send you a notice and the tracking number when it is mailed.

    Fax No.: +27-(0)86-615-8038

    E-mail: info@aromapen.net

    The delivery may take between 2-5 working days, depending on the postal services and the location.


Ordering process for Shopify store:






VR Trading is not liable for orders mailed to incomplete or incorrect postal addresses supplied by the customer, therefore please make sure all details are correct, complete & current. Any additional fees for such orders will be the responsibility of the customer. In addition, we do not take responsibility for any delays, missing or damaged parcels in transit through the post office or courier service.

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