Efficacy Test 

  The "Lazy 8" Experiment BEFORE using the Aromapen

  The "Lazy 8" Experiment AFTER using the Aromapen

                                                                                                                                                                                                               October 01, 2013   

The Essential Tool – “The Lazy 8” Experiment Explanation

I want to share a little experiment I did on myself with the Aromapen by using the infinity sign drawings, also called the ''Lazy 8”.

These signs are drawn with the right hand, then left hand and then with both hands together at once.

Discrepancies in size, crossed lines, uneven circles and so on, all give an indication to the trained eye, of learning disabilities and issues with the communication between the two brain hemispheres, as well as coordination, all of which have an influence on learning and concentration.

One infinity sign was done before using the Aromapen. The second sign was done after the Aromapen was inhaled for just under a minute.

The changes in consistency of the pattern, before and after, were clear to see and give a good indication of how focus was increased. It is obvious how the left and right hemispheres of the brain’s ability to work together and how the crossing over between the hemispheres improve. The two hemispheres functioned smoother and more balanced afterwards. This of course increases information assimilation and retention. Having the two hemispheres integrated and an increase in focus, makes for better learning and better co-ordination for people of all ages. 

The “Lazy 8’s” prove that the Aromapen works directly on the cerebellum (pathway between the two brain hemispheres) and how it awakens the senses.

Melissa Burger (Kin Dip)

Specialised Kinesiologist & Therapeutic Reflexologist
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